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Learn practical aspects of water from Bob Lusk and dig deep into science with renowned water chemistry expert Dr. Claude Boyd, followed by science of aeration with Patrick Goodwin and a primer on beneficial microbes with Landon Wiet.

Bob Lusk, The Pond Boss

Nationally known fisheries biologist Bob Lusk, based in Texas, has helped people design, build, stock, & manage private lakes and ponds for 40-plus years. The graduate of Texas A&M’s Wildlife & Fisheries Science Department travels the country as a premier lake designer and fisheries consultant. He also owns and edits Pond Boss, a national bi-monthly magazine dedicated to managing private waters.

By far, his favorite projects involve working with landowners to design and help build premier fishing lakes. He helps dreams come true with his vast experience and knowledge of fish habitat, structure, cover, food chains, and genetics as he guides people to their best fishing lakes. It’s truly his passion, conveying that energy to excited landowners across the nation.

Lusk's career has spanned the gamut of private freshwater fisheries management. Cutting his teeth on fish farms, learning about a variety of fish species, handling the slimy little creatures, transporting and stocking them at all hours on the clock, onward to evaluating lakes and ponds, his career has evolved ultimately into helping clients learn to be better stewards of their water. 

Lusk owns and edits the nation’s premier pond management magazine, written four books, and hundreds of articles about the subject. He makes personal appearances at trade shows and seminars to spread the word about pond management and has been on numerous television shows over the years. He has hundreds of YouTube videos, countless articles, podcasts, and radio interviews around the world wide web, literally. Today, he has a weekly broadcast on the Pond Boss Facebook page and is a featured guest speaker around the nation on all things pond.

To add to his resumé, Lusk was recently inducted into the American Fisheries Society’s esteemed Hall of Excellence, the first fisheries biologist from the private sector bestowed that honor. The Texas Outdoor Writer’s Association awarded him their highest and most prestigious honor, the L.A. Wilke Award for excellence. 

Avoid the Dumb Tax

When taking that leap to build your first pond, you are bound to make mistakes. Those mistakes can cost you tens of thousands. A big part of what we do is help you avoid paying the "dumb tax." With this course, we address many dumb tax violations private pond owners have committed over the years.


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