About the Course

Spend time with legendary recreational lake builder Mike Otto as he digs through the process of planning to build great fishing holes. He starts at 30,000 feet to below ground level in this three-video series.

About the Instructor

From his home base of Lindsay, Texas, Mike Otto is considered one of the premier lake builders in the United States. His career started as a teenager, assisting building golf courses all over America, from Colorado to Florida and Texas. He started Otto’s Dozer Service in 1979 and has been clearing land, building house pads, and creating great fishing lakes ever since. Otto is a staff writer for Pond Boss magazine, since 1994. Mike’s wife, Jane, is extremely tolerant of his dusty clothes and weird hours. They have three grown children, and a growing band of grandchildren. Mike’s happy that his grandchildren like him.

Avoid the Dumb Tax

When taking that leap to build your first pond, you are bound to make mistakes. Those mistakes can cost you tens of thousands. A big part of what we do is help you avoid paying the "dumb tax." With this course, we address many dumb tax violations private pond owners have committed over the years.

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